Office cleaning

Udaan facility services is your ideal choice to keep the office clean for businesses. Our service is your affordable solution at a reasonable price to meet your office cleaning regularly. Our team of professional cleaners are friendly, trustworthy, well-trained. They had undergone training and understand the dos & don’ts.

We’ve scrutinized traditional cleaning methods and developed new commercial cleaning practices, improving our ways and methods of cleaning to ensure that our objective is focused on removing contaminants from your office or work environment, rather than simply redistributing them.

Retail-shop cleaning

At Udaan facility services we are a flexible business with tailored cleaning that suits your budget, this means whether you want your retail premises cleaned 24/7 or just weekly or fortnightly, we will be there to meet your price and demands.

Our retail cleaning solution will not only exceed your requirements, but will also match your budget and present your customers with a safe, cleaned comfortable environment within your store, getting more business for you

Graffiti removal

Graffiti can often leave your property with a “black eye” in the form of visual pollution. Graffiti can damage your image by creating an “unsafe” or “insecure” feeling in the eyes of visitors to your facility, shopping centre or business. Thankfully, At Udaan facility services graffiti removal service can help restore graffiti marked areas to their original condition through specially-designed removal agents, paints, or coatings that can even make for an easy clean-up in case of future graffiti attacks.

Carpet steam cleaning

With our years’ experience in Professional Carpet Cleaning, we deliver the highest standard of service that satisfies our loyal customers and amazes new clients every time.

Our well trained carpet cleaners, will pre-inspect all areas for cleaning, noting all your concerns and requirements, so we can deliver the best service possible to meet your expectations. They will specially treat all your stains and soiled areas for amazing results. We will deodorise and sanitise all your carpets leaving them fresher and cleaner. We will then dry your carpets ready to walk on within hours.

Tile grout cleaning

At Udaan facility services, we are your specialist service for tile & grout cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping & sealing, tile regrouting, grout colour sealing, and minor tile repairs. If you need advice on cleaning & sealing your old or brand new floors, or need a professional to do it for you, then you have come to the right place.

Window cleaning

We provide a free personalised consultation to properly understand your job. Some windows will be cleaner than others, and some may not have been washed properly for many years. We may need particular equipment or extra long extension poles so we like to be prepared.

We understand the importance of working discreetly in a place where business is conducted and will therefore take care to ensure that you and your staff are not distracted or interrupted while we work our magic on your windows. They probably won’t even notice our cleaners’ presence, but they are sure to enjoy the new, clear view from their sparkling windows thereafter.

Strip & seal

The same as we paint our walls, to not only make them look good we do this to also try to protect the plasterboard underneath from minor damage. Strip & sealing works on a similar principal. Strip and sealing is simply removing the old sealer from the floors surface and laying new coats of sealer to the floor in several layers. This is done in order to protect the vinyl from minor damage caused by wear & tear and to also keep them looking good.

We use safe, good quality and fast-acting floor stripping solutions that are specifically designed for the removal of floor polishes and sealers from vinyl floors. The stripper solution is applied onto the floor and sufficient time is allowed for the solution to soften the seal or polish.

Regular cleaning

It is equally important for offices to be cleaned on a regular basis, as clean offices help to portray a good image to your clients while keeping your staff healthy and proud of their environment.

Udaan facility services offers good quality cleaning services with attractive cleaning packages and rates. Our focus on listening to the needs of our customers and providing top quality service is what keeps our customers coming back.

Periodical cleaning

IThe nature of the cleaning will vary depending on your premises but can include deep cleans, high-level cleaning or even stripping wooden floors. A specialist cleaning team is often required, one that has the experience and knowledge to undertake any task they are presented with. Servest has the specialists and equipment to ensure that any job is undertaken to the highest standards.

Grout cleaning

Cleaning Tile & Grout combines specialised industrial equipment and heavy duty cleaning products. By applying specially developed cleaning solutions together with high pressure van mounted cleaning equipment, we are able to thoroughly clean your tile & grout to the highest standards in Melbourne.

Steam cleaning (rugs, carpets, sofa etc.)

We use our furniture all the time – watching television, reading a book and eating or snoozing! Unfortunately, all this comfy time on your couch means your upholstery and soft furnishings are exposed to dirt, sweat and spills.

Regular professional upholstery cleaning will not only keep your furniture clean but also looking good and smelling fine. Udaan facility services offers a full furniture cleaning service to ensure your couch, sofa and all your fabric is spotless.

Construction cleaning

Your property will be under the extreme effects of dust and debris, if your building undergoes a construction works recently. If your house, office or a commercial property is under this kind of situation, just call Udaan facility services and let the rest with us.

Our after builders cleaning services will be the ultimate solution for all of your cleaning needs even when the workers of Construction Company leave.

Warehouse cleaning

Udaan facility services is experienced in the cleaning, renovation and restoration of Warehouse, DC, Depots and Storage Unit surfaces. We work in ambient and chilled environments, can clean the racking, mezzanine and hard to get to areas. We clean building exteriors, including guttering, roofs, windows and skylights.

Carpark cleaning

From multi storey car parks and garage forecourts to council pay and display and street parking spaces, at Udaan facility services we can provide a reliable and professional cleaning service. Using the latest industrial cleaning equipment we can easily remove built up dirt, grime, oil, chewing gum and even paint to restore your car park or forecourt to its former glory.

Pressure washing

Whether it is to clean driveways, wooden decking in gardens or to restore garden furniture we can be sure to meet any requirement to an exceptional standard.

We’re experts in high pressure washing that gets rid of even the most stubborn or old dirt and stains that normal cleaning cannot resolve. We’re based in Melbourne’s southeast and provide our high pressure washing services anywhere in that vicinity.

Concierge services

  • Tea/coffee serve for staff & customers
  • Catering for special occasions
  • Delivery services